Stefania Boemi is Sicilian and lives in Catania. She sources her materials amongst those objects of the past which transmit emotions bound to memory. Hers are Sicilian things, selected, unstitched and resewn, stripped and revarnished, dismantled and reassembled.
She observes and studies that which best characterises the traditions of the island and rethinks the uses, whether necessary or ephemeral. The guiding idea is that of bringing back to life by reinterpreting many once familiar objects which have fallen into disuse. Each piece is assembled by hand and transformed into a unique work.
The happy manipulation of and fixed gaze on tradition give testament to the importance of conserving all that exemplifies the beauty of Sicily and the possibility of reinterpreting the past in a contemporary key for the design market. The S B project gives proud affirmation to the lasting beauty of Sicily: to those things which have always been with us and which we do not wish to forget.